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July | 2011 | Little Known Heroes
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Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Painter Who Gets IT (Like Really Gets IT)

Today was by far the most successful day of our stay in Varanasi. We met the most skilled painter – artisan I’ve come across on this entire project (I’m so happy I could dance around trees as a Bollywood Extra right now). Young chap called Sanjay Prajapati, and he just gets it man. Look at … Continue reading »

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Character Nouveau

With Garuda, Jatayu and Vasuki on track we thought we might as well start working on the other characters that we have in mind. Initially we had Bali, Jambavan and Narasimha but eventually we realised that Narasimha is no longer a little known hero as almost everyone here knows about him. But again he had … Continue reading »

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Spoon feeding the painter

We are persistent clients. Seriously. We stop at Nothing. We even woke the painter up in the middle of the night yesterday. (I’m sure images of Garuda and Jatayu are going to haunt him in his sleep for many more weeks before he finds peace again!) Finally after many delays and rescheduled meetings, and braving … Continue reading »

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Enter the Carver

Today was very slow to start. We were supposed to meet up in the morning to look at the models from yesterday with magnets added, but he didn’t have them done. Then we were supposed to see a new carver to look at his work and get some new prototypes made, but he wasn’t available … Continue reading »

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Banaras, at last!!!

After fetching magnets, clear wood varnish and placing the order for springs I headed back home to pack my luggage. I have been hearing so much about Banaras from Chris and Manjari that I was dying to go there. The last trip to Banaras sounded a lot fun and was quite productive too but my … Continue reading »

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New character sneak peek!

Something we’ve been battling with internally is the balance between artistic style and emotional connection. The existing characters have a style we all really like, but Vasuki seems to have a lot more going on behind his eyes than Garuda and Jatayu. Vasuki has this sinister, clever look that seems like he is about to … Continue reading »

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Carving a new direction

Finally, we got the one piece we’ve been dying to have a look at, the one piece we were absolutely sure would turn out to be incredibly awesome, painstakingly carved by hand and delicately ornamented. Here’s the piece I’m talking about. So, the quality is amazing. The face is perfectly symmetrical, and there’s a lovely … Continue reading »

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Hand crafting in India

Working alongside so many amazing craftsmen has really humbled me. Seeing their handmade tools and attention to detail has been completely fascinating. I came across this video the other day, and it gives a great example of what it’s like. You see these motorcycles all over the streets here, and each one is hand-painted like … Continue reading »

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