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Final.FINAL.final.RANGE(.ai) | Little Known Heroes
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Posted by on August 31, 2011

We have been sharing our entire journey on the blog, and as it is often with new travels, the path hasn’t been a straightforward one. We’ve gone back and forth, made big changes at the very last stage and have had a pretty organic design process throughout the project. (FinalRange.ai became FinalFinalRange.ai became FinalFINALRange.ai and finally became FinalLACRange.ai on my computer!) I thought it would be a good idea to put the entire final range together for all of us to see. So, here comes the team!

Final Range

Feel free to click on this image for a full size version where all the little details of the body are also visible. This range was achieved after weeks of working with the artisans and considering all the different stages of production, including available colors in lac, the kind of colors used for hand painting, and streamlining the process of production. Some of the bodies, like the ones on Bali and Jambavan, were designed with the artisan, incorporating his own sensibility and representation of various animals.

Here are some photos of the physical toys!

Actual Final Range

Its amazingly satisfying how well we’ve been to achieve two very different things at the same time – the faces and the colors are extremely loyal to our character designs, and the detailed patterns and textures that Sanjay (the artisan) has added brings out the distinct Banaras flavor of the toys and complements them beautifully.

You might have noticed that Bali is missing from this line-up. I’m going to reveal him very soon! Till then, do look through the warriors, pick your favorite ones and buy them here.



3 Responses to Final.FINAL.final.RANGE(.ai)

  1. Shubashree

    Hi there!
    I picked up a whole set of these dolls. It does not tell me when I would have them. Just writing to check if they will be sent out shortly. Thanks!

    • Chris

      First of all, thanks, Shuba! We genuinely appreciate it, and hope the toys are as amazing as you hope.

      The toys are currently being made by hand by a small number of artisans. Unlike factory toys, this means getting them right can take a little longer, and we don’t want to ship toys that aren’t amazing. Right now, it looks like they should be done in about a month. They should be in your hands shortly after that.

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