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The Toys Are In! | Little Known Heroes
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The Toys Are In!

Boxed and ready to go!
Posted by on September 16, 2011

The first round is in and ready to ship!

Boxed and ready to go!

We have the first three painted characters in, both the standard colors and the ultra-rare chase editions. Here’s a look at all of them.

All lined up!

Here is a closer look at the individual characters, with their standard colors on the left facing off with the rare colors on the right. As always, you can click the images to get more detail.

Jatayu VS Jatayu

Jatayu VS Jatayu

Jambavan VS Jambavan

Jambavan VS Jambavan

Vasuki VS Vasuki

Vasuki VS Vasuki

The pearl finish on the standard Vasuki and chase Jatayu. The crown on Jambavan, they all turned out beautifully. In person, they are even more amazing (or so everyone has said). You can mix and match the heads and bodies, and the crown wobbles around. They are immensely fun.

We managed to get all of the characters in for the collectors’ carved edition. Check out all of them here.

All lined up.

Every little detail of these characters is gorgeous, down to the intricate work on their crowns.

Let’s take a look at all of them.









Thanks so much to everyone who has ordered so far. The response from everyone has been amazing, and I’m so glad to hear how much everyone loves them!

There’s still just a little time left to order some if you are interested, and all of these will ship out as soon as possible, along with their unique packaging and beautiful cards detailing who each of them are.

Go check them out and get some at http://www.indiegogo.com/Little-Known-Heroes !

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  1. Harsha Vemulapalli


    These are amazingly beautiful.

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