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Author Archives: Manjari

Final.FINAL.final.RANGE(ai) – Chase!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m now going to reveal the chase line up of our range! These are the very rarely available versions of the standard range, that you should consider yourself extremely lucky to get!   We went completely crazy with the colors in the chase line, experimenting with different lac finishes and colors. We … Continue reading »

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We have been sharing our entire journey on the blog, and as it is often with new travels, the path hasn’t been a straightforward one. We’ve gone back and forth, made big changes at the very last stage and have had a pretty organic design process throughout the project. (FinalRange.ai became FinalFinalRange.ai became FinalFINALRange.ai and … Continue reading »

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Character Nouveau – 2

We finally have all six characters down to the last detail, and wow, they look beautiful! I don’t want to spill all the beans at once so I’m only going to let out the final designs for the three new characters today. Soujanyaa already spoke about their stories here, but just to remind you, our … Continue reading »

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The Painter Who Gets IT (Like Really Gets IT)

Today was by far the most successful day of our stay in Varanasi. We met the most skilled painter – artisan I’ve come across on this entire project (I’m so happy I could dance around trees as a Bollywood Extra right now). Young chap called Sanjay Prajapati, and he just gets it man. Look at … Continue reading »

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Spoon feeding the painter

We are persistent clients. Seriously. We stop at Nothing. We even woke the painter up in the middle of the night yesterday. (I’m sure images of Garuda and Jatayu are going to haunt him in his sleep for many more weeks before he finds peace again!) Finally after many delays and rescheduled meetings, and braving … Continue reading »

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Carving a new direction

Finally, we got the one piece we’ve been dying to have a look at, the one piece we were absolutely sure would turn out to be incredibly awesome, painstakingly carved by hand and delicately ornamented. Here’s the piece I’m talking about. So, the quality is amazing. The face is perfectly symmetrical, and there’s a lovely … Continue reading »

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Varanasi Day 3: First finished Prototypes!

The day started off with us getting our first painted prototypes from the Prajapati brothers. I was excited, apprehensive, very nervous too. But it turned out well in the end as some very interesting stuff has come out of the first camp. There is some lovely detail work on the Vasuki heads and textures on … Continue reading »

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Varanasi Day 1: Introductions

What a unbelievably productive day its been. Phew! Our first stop today was one of Varanasi‚Äôs biggest toy shops – Agrawal Toy Shop. Our city guide, Mr. Ajay Pandey (or Pinkoo Bhaiya as I like to call him) had already spoken to the owner of the shop about us and our project. We met him … Continue reading »

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O Holy Artisan: Where Art Thou?

Choosing the right craft style to work within the huge range available in India is not easy. We had several discussions on this internally as well as with Dastkaar, an organisation of craftspeople founded in 1981. For the moment Channapatnam has been ruled out as the cluster there is well developed and loaded with orders. … Continue reading »

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Fascinating Stories

In the great extended family that is India, everybody is a relative of everybody else. So much so that eagles and serpents are said to be cousins! In fact I even drew a little family tree of our first three characters: Garuda, Vasuki and Jatayu: Historians speculate that these exotic, half human- half animal tribes … Continue reading »

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