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Author Archives: Soujanyaa

Character Nouveau

With Garuda, Jatayu and Vasuki on track we thought we might as well start working on the other characters that we have in mind. Initially we had Bali, Jambavan and Narasimha but eventually we realised that Narasimha is no longer a little known hero as almost everyone here knows about him. But again he had … Continue reading »

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Banaras, at last!!!

After fetching magnets, clear wood varnish and placing the order for springs I headed back home to pack my luggage. I have been hearing so much about Banaras from Chris and Manjari that I was dying to go there. The last trip to Banaras sounded a lot fun and was quite productive too but my … Continue reading »

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Paint misbehavin’

By now, Abdullahji and his helpers Sahanwaaj and Suhail has gotten used to us coming and invading their space. They no longer greet us like we are some crusaders from outer space. In fact, they even offered me food and made the wooden prototypes just like the way they were told. They made several versions … Continue reading »

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Birds of Pray

Unlike the other anthropomorphic heroes of the world, the ones that are associated with Indian Mythology are not very popular. They are the least noticed and spoken about. That is what inspires us to bring the animals back into our character line through an entirely a new concept (Now this is so over-the-top awesome that … Continue reading »

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Forming the forms

Now that we’ve managed to come up with different character lines, I thought it would be fun to try to add some action to the toys. This time we aimed at keeping the form simple . The whole idea was to strike a balance between a collectible toy and a very playful children’s toy. So … Continue reading »

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From the Bouncer to the Battlefield

Since we have found ourselves a direction in the form development of the toys, it was about time we started giving the toys a character and a storyline to follow [that’s when I come in]. With a few sessions of brainstorming….starting from the identification of target audience to exploration of various graphic styles….we came up … Continue reading »

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